Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hot Barefooting

Hot summer days are great for barefooting!

I struggle to breathe the hot Indiana air when our heat index is 110 degrees and there is no breeze for miles around, but barefooting is great!

I walk the dog, slapping my feet on hot tarmac until the burning finally penetrates my thick soles. Then I give them relief by stepping onto the crunchy dry grass. I pad my way down to the river’s edge and sigh a big, audible “Ahhhh!” as I immerse my feet in the cool, (not cold) still waters of The White River. The muck on the river’s bed is soft, almost fluffy; I revel in this sensation as Coco swims around me.

After that, I dip into my small cooler and take out a couple of handfuls of ice and drop it on the ground. I step on the ice, enjoying the stinging cold sensation and welcoming the massage created by my body’s weight pressing against the rocky chunks of ice. 

Warning: My soles are very thick and tough, so I can walk on extremely hot surfaces, but most people cannot.

When I step away and settle myself under a tree to write, Coco eats the ice then lays down beside me until it is time to go home.


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